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July 2016 - Interviews with Frank Piesik, Andrew Lambert & Neil Cosgrove and Vladimir Sadovnikov

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LMP Asks Interview x 3

This time around we have 3 brand new interviews.

LMP Asks #17: An interview with Frank Piesik

LMP talks with Frank Piesik, a musician, inventor and educator living in Bremen.

LMP Asks #18: Andrew Lambert & Neil Cosgrove

LMP interviews Andrew Lambert and Neil Cosgrove, members of Lorenz Attraction and developers of LNX_Studio, a cross platform, customizable, networked DAW written in the SuperCollider programming language.  

LMP Asks #19: An interview with Vladimir Sadovnikov

LMP talked to Vladimir Sadovnikov, programmer and sound engineer, about his project, LSP plugins, which aims to bring new, non existing plugins to Linux. As well as the LSP plugin suite, Vladimir has also contributed to other Linux audio projects such as Calf Studio Gear and Hydrogen.

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