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Libre Music Production is a community-driven online resource, focused on promoting musical creation and composition using free and open source (FLOSS) software. By providing hands-on material submitted by the community, such as guides, tutorials, articles and news updates, we want to show not only that there is great FLOSS audio software out there, but also how to practically use that software to make music. Read this to get started!

News and latest content

Tool 2015-12-06 13:27 EQ10Q EQ10Q is an LV2 plugin that provides 10 band parametric EQ with a graphical display. It includes various filter types including peaking, HPF, LPF, shelving and notch filters. Initially, the project contained just one plugin, the EQ. Since it's start, the project has grown to include other plugins, amongst others a compressor and a gate plugin, mide/side processing, as well as BassUp, a bass...Read more
Tool 2014-08-13 15:56 Gtklick Gtklick is a simple metronome with an easy to use interface. Along with what you would expect from a metronome, it also includes a speed trainer, arbitrary meters and beat patterns, customisable sounds and it can also save profiles. Keyboard shortcuts make it very useful as a practice tool as you can control it and vary the tempo without ever having to look at the screen.Read more
Tool 2014-12-03 19:46 Hydrogen Hydrogen is a pattern-based drum sequencer. It allows you to create patterns and then sequence them into songs. Drum instruments are tweakable and hydrogen allows for up to 16 layers of velocity per drum instrument. Furthermore, Hydrogen includes a mixer and has support for LADSPA plugins. It can be used in sync with other programs. You can also export your songs on a per instrument basis if you...Read more
Tool 2014-08-16 21:29 Meters.lv2 Meters.lv2 is a collection of audio-level meters in the LV2 plugin format. It covers an extensive range of meters which are useful for broadcast audio, as well as general audio production work. This includes, but is not limited to, DIN, Nordic, BBC, EBU and VU needle meters, 30 band spectrum analyzer, true peak meters, phase correlation meters, a goniometer and a EBU R128 meter with histogram and...Read more
Tool 2014-08-16 21:34 Synthclone Synthclone is a tool that allows you to create sample-based instruments. You can create sample-based instruments by sending MIDI messages to your MIDI-capable gear or software that instructs an instrument to emit sounds for a series of notes, velocities, controls, and aftertouch values, or by recording your own samples. After the sampling is done, you can apply effects to your samples, and...Read more
Tool 2014-08-19 10:07 Midisnoop Midisnoop is a simple MIDI monitor and prober. You can use it to monitor a MIDI device and/or software, and to send MIDI messages to a MIDI port to see how the device/software responds. Midisnoop supports both ALSA and JACK MIDI ports.Read more
Tool 2017-09-16 21:41 VMPK - Virtual Piano Keyboard VMPK, or Virtual Piano Keyboard, is a MIDI events generator, and reciever, that allows you to play MIDI notes with your keyboard or mouse. You can also create, unlimited, custom controls to send out and recieve MIDI data. This can be useful if you want to control hardware parameters, via MIDI, from your computer. A very useful feature of VMPK is it's ability to grab keyboard input while it's...Read more
Tool 2014-12-03 19:29 NSM - Non Session Manager NSM, or Non Session Manager, is a popular session management tool. NSM allows you to easy create, manage and remember modular set ups. It is very intuitive to create a session and add clients in NSM. It can also remember all JACK connections by using the optional JACKPatch client module that comes with NSM.Read more
Tool 2014-10-12 21:36 zam-plugins zam-plugins is a suite of plugins from Damien Zammit of ZamAudio . The suite currently has LADSPA, LV2 , LinuxVST and JACK versions and includes a compressor, parametric EQ , graphic EQ, valve simulator, and saturation plugins.Read more
Tool 2017-05-19 17:05 Drumgizmo Drumgizmo is an LV2 sample based drum plugin that mimics the set up of a real acoustic drumkit. It uses an open drumkit file format, so you can create your own drumkits for Drumgizmo. There is even an editor called DGedit that comes with Drumgizmo to help you make this task as easy as possible. There are also currently 5 drumkits available from Drumgizmo's website. Drumgizmo uses floating...Read more