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Boom! AVL Drumkits plugins

The AVL Drumkits are sets of drumkits - 2 kits, 28 elements sampled on 5 layers of velocity - carefully recorded and curated by the good people at AVLinux ; We already could use it in any sampler, or soundfont player, but now it's as quick and simple as loading the dedicated plugin into a MIDI track in your favorite sequencer :)

There are two drumkit plugins : Red Zeppelin and Black Pearl, and they both come in two flavours : stereo (to just drop in a track and bang away) and multi-out (to be able to route each element to a separate track or bus for a more precise mixing) the installation procedure is straightforward on the README. EDIT The plugins are already available in KXStudio repositories :)

We have not one, but two videos for you, one in Ardour:

And another in Qtractor :


2017 is shaping up to be a very percussive year :)