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QMidiArp 0.6.4 is out


QMidiArp has been updated to version 0.6.4 ; Here is the changelog :


o All Modules now have the Note Filter already present in the Arps.
Also, the note range entries can now be set by MIDI learn
o Arp: The octave mode is now defined by independent upper/lower bounds
(feature request #12 by ssj71)
o LFO: New waveform flip button (feature request #11 by MilkMiruku)
o Seq: The output MIDI channel is now a MIDI controllable item. This
allows for instance an LFO to control the Seq MIDI channels for
dispatching sounds within a sequence (feature request #13 by Menno)

Fixed Bugs

o LFO: Offset slider didn't follow drawing and led to jumps on
first use
o LFO: Waveform type switched to custom when muting points (bug #16
reported by MilkMiruku)
o Arp: When using Global Storage "Restore", the restore step was