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OpenAV work in progress - MOD UIs and ArtyFX plugins port to AVTK

OpenAV have been hard at work testing their plugins to make sure they are working on the MOD platform. OpenAV will be attending the Sonar+D event in Barcelona along with the MOD team. The MOD team are one of the 10 finalists for the Sonar+D StartUp competition.

As you can see from the above image, Fabla2, OpenAV's drumkit sampler (work in progress), is still under active development and is also being currently tested on the MOD platform.

Also visible in the image above is another OpenAV project in the works, Buska, an audio looper. For this, OpenAV are actively looking for people with looping workflow ideas to get in touch with them.

And finally, OpenAV have also posted photos of their ArtyFX plugins, which are in the process of being ported over to AVTK, a toolkit created by OpenAV to be lightweight. Why the change in toolkit? OpenAV explain "Technical reasons, but this move future-proofs ArtyFX, and ensures it can run in any host on any platform in future."

For full details about these developments, check out OpenAV's blog post.