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New release of x42-plugins

Robin Gareus has just announced the latest release of x42-plugins, which is a collection of cross platform LV2 audio/MIDI plugins, currently featuring over 80 plugins from 11 repositories.

The x42-plugins collection consists of the following -

meters.lv2 Collection of audio-level meters
tuna.lv2 Musical instrument tuner with strobe characteristics
fil4.lv2 4 band parametric graphical EQ
balance.lv2   Stereo conditioner
convoLV2 Zero latency convolution
sisco.lv2 Simple audio oscilloscope
mixtri.lv2   Matrix mixer and trigger processor intended to be used with sisco.lv2
midifilter.lv2 MIDI event filters
nodelay.lv2   Simple audio delay-line that also reports its delay as latency
onsettrigger.lv2 Audio to MIDI converter currently intended for Bass/Kick-drums
xfade.lv2   Audio-plugin for stereo cross-fading 2 x 2 input channels to 2 output channels

Since the last release at the end of last year, there has been a new addition to the line up, fil4.lv2. This is a 4 band parametric graphical EQ with High/Low shelfs and Hi/Lo Pass filters which is based on DSP from Fons Adriaensen's highly regarded fil-plugin. It is available in both mono and stereo variants and has a spectrum display plus waterfall FFT history built-in. The display also has vertical zoom.

Also of note is the addition of a BBC M6 (mid/side) meter to meters.lv2.

You can find x42-plugins over at Github, although this is intended for package maintainers. For end users using an audio orientated Linux distro, an update may soon be pushed through your package manager.