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Thank you and welcome aboard!

Since we launched on Sunday, we have had an overwhelmingly positive response. We're really delighted with the fantastic reception and level of interest which demonstrates the need for a community driven project like LMP. Thank you to everyone for all the interest. There is loads more to come so keep checking the site. This is just the beginning.


“The new project is a long missing link between experienced Linux audio users and newbies who want hands-on information about libre tools for making music.” - Alexandre Prokoudine, Libre Graphics World

Here are some of the news sites that covered us -

LMP News

Now live – the LMP news section, where you'll find up to date news about the goings on in the Linux audio world. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

LMP on social media

In response to demand for an LMP social media presence, we have now set up on both Facebook and Twitter. Please help us spread the word about our pages by sharing with your friends.

In addition, an RSS feed has been created.

Get Involved

As you know, this is a community driven project and we're thrilled to have already received interest from people looking to contribute to the website. We've also had many submissions to our website survey. We will be including results from this in our content wish list if people want to get an idea on where to start.

We have also added a new section to the website called FLOSS Music. We would like to encourage people to send us links to any material they may have created using FLOSS tools.

A big thank you!

The response to LMP has been very rewarding to see. Overnight we had hits from every corner of the world, and it hasn't slowed down since. We are very psyched to keep the ball rolling and extend the site with the help of you, the user.  A big thank you for all the support,

The LMP team