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We're a modern heavy metal band from south of Brazil trying to cross the style of 80s heavy metal with more current influences of the different genres of rock and metal.



My name is Danilo Siqueira. I've been studying music production on Berklee online for 2 years and needed a capstone project, in order to finish the project.

As linux enthusiast and musician, I've decided to compose, record, produce a small album (an EP if you will). But this small project got some attention on the internet and became a full-fledged band (a power trio actually). So now it has releases on streaming services, Youtube, Facebook page, etc.


Forzee are a band from Saint-Petersburg playing mixed genres of metal.

Critics have lost many time to define various musical material they're playing. That's why their playlist contains Heavy Metal songs, grim Doom Metal-styled music and also fast and aggressive Thrash Death metal music.

The only one thing is unchangeable: many songs contain experimental spirit of Progressive mixed with dark paints of Doom. This allows to define band's musical genre as Progressive Doom Metal.

A Violent Whisper

A Violent Whisper is a one man band that could be described best as electro rock music. It is heavily influenced by, but not only, Nine Inch Nails and late Radiohead...

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