Regular releases of Free and Open Source Audio Software on the 15th of the first month of every quarter

Jamulus 3.5.9

Enables musicians to perform real-time jam sessions over the internet.

  • New icon
  • UI improvements for server and client
  • Save and restore mixer state
  • ... and more new features and bug fixes

zam-plugins 3.13

A collection of LADSPA/LV2/VST/JACK audio plugins for high-quality processing.

Small bug and compatibility fixes.

Carla 2.2-RC1

A fully-featured modular audio plugin host.

  • Linux VST3 support
  • Better multi-client & instance handling
  • Small UI/UX improvements all around

python-rtmidi 1.4.2

Python bindings for the cross-platform MIDI I/O library RtMidi.

  • Added more helpful aliases for MIDI events/controllers constants
  • Added ccstore example to print last seen controller change values

MusE 3.1.1

A MIDI/Audio sequencer aiming to be a complete multitrack virtual studio for Linux.

This is mostly a bugfix release following 3.1. A number of small and bigger bugs have been squashed. See the release notes for more information.

Zrythm 0.8.694

Zrythm is a digital audio workstation designed to be featureful and easy to use.

Tons of additions, changes and fixes. See the changelog for more information.

Guitarix2 0.41.0

A virtual guitar amplifier for Linux running with JACK.

  • Added NSM support
  • Added Slovak translation by Jozef Riha
  • Added MIDI out and low/high cut filter to tuner
  • Disabled GxVibe, because it is broken
  • ... and much more

jack_mixer 13

A GTK+ audio mixer for JACK

  • Added NSM support
  • Added a pre/post fader send switches
  • Ctrl- and double-click, scroll, and click-drag-anywhere fader behaviors
  • Added MIDI 'Pick Up' behavior and manually setting MIDI CCs
  • Store preferences in .ini file and per-session XML files instead of GConf
  • ... and much more

LSP Plugins 1.1.24

A collection of multi-format open-source plugins.

  • New Loudness Compensator and Surge Filter plugin series
  • Significant changes to Limiter series
  • Better LV2 state support
  • Support of loading Hydrogen drumkits by Multisampler
  • ... and lots more

RaySession 0.9.0

A GNU/Linux NSM-compatible session manager for audio programs.

  • CLI tool to control GUI actions
  • Session load, save, close shell scripts
  • JACK configuration session script
  • New RayHack client protocol
  • ... and much more

lv2lint 0.8.0

Check whether a given LV2 plugin is up to the specification.

  • Added support for whitelisting various features
  • Added lots of new checks
  • Added support for state:freePath feature
  • Updated minimum LV2 version to 1.18.0
  • Fixed various memleaks

mephisto.lv2 0.12.0

Write LV2 audio/CV instruments/filters directly in your host using the FAUST DSP language.

  • Added support for bargraphs
  • Added preset for simple VU meter
  • Added momentary button ui-widget
  • Added support for ui:scaleFactor option
  • Added support for GL double buffering
  • Changed all ui-widgets to show labels and correct value ranges

midi_matrix.lv2 0.26.0

MIDI channel filter, multiplexer and router LV2 plugin.

  • Added support for GL double buffering
  • Removed superfluous KXStudio extension definitions from turtle manifests

moony.lv2 0.34.0

Write LV2 control port and event filters in Lua.

  • Added embedded text browser for rapid manual lookups
  • Added support for GL double buffering
  • Changed Lua version to 5.4.0
  • Removed superfluous KXStudio extension definitions from turtle manifests
  • Removed unneeded files

patchmatrix 0.20.0

A graphical JACK patchbay combining a matrix-style and flow canvas interface.

  • Added support for GL double buffering
  • Removed support dynamic scaling
  • Fixed crashes due to disabled X11 threads

shells_bells.lv2 0.6.0

A just-for-fun LV2 plugin bundle. Sound the bell in the shell to send a MIDI note.

  • Added forkpty wrapper which uses clone or vfork instead of fork
  • Added support for GL double buffering

sherlock.lv2 0.24.0

An LV2 plugin bundle for visualizing LV2 atom, MIDI and OSC events.

  • Added support for GL double buffering

vm.lv2 0.10.0

A programmable virtual machine LV2 plugin.

  • Added support for GL double buffering

New Session Manager 1.4.0

A community, backwards-compatible version of "NON Session Manager".

  • Add documentation and manpages
  • Legacy-GUI look and feel overhaul
  • nsmd: NSM_API_VERSION_MINOR bump 1.0 -> 1.1 and various fixes

Argodejo 0.1

An NSM-compatible music production session manager GUI.

Initial "proof-of-concept" release.

Fluajho 1.6

Fluajho is a simple SF2 soundfont host/player for Linux.

  • New GUI layout
  • Do not auto connect under NSM
  • Fix crashes and problems with recent Qt 5.15 release
  • Quit under NSM works now
  • Fix accidental transparency in Wayland
  • Bug fixes, documentation update.

Patroneo 1.6

Patroneo is an easy to use, pattern based midi sequencer.

  • Fix crashes and problems with recent Qt 5.15 release
  • Quit under NSM works now
  • Fix accidental transparency in Wayland
  • Bug fixes, documentation update.

Vico 1.2

Vico is a minimalistic MIDI sequencer that is intended to be used in parallel with other software.

  • Allow recording right from program start
  • Fix crashes and problems with recent Qt 5.15 release
  • Quit under NSM works now
  • Fix accidental transparency in Wayland
  • Bug fixes, documentation update.

DISTRHO-Ports 2020-07-14

Third-party audio plugins ported to Linux and LV2.

  • Added HiReSam, ReFine and Temper plugin ports
  • Fixed build for ARM NEON target
  • Fixed LV2 UI notifications happening in non-GUI thread
  • Fixed LV2 meta-data to pass lv2lint errors
  • Updated JUCE
  • Switched build system from premake3 to meson

x42-plugins 20200714

Professional audio processing units available as LV2-plugin and JACK-application.

Dozens of fixes across the different plugins.

FatFrog.lv2 1.0

A valve amplifier simulation LV2 plugin to let the walls rattle.

Initial release.

LittleFly.lv2 1.0

An overdrive/distortion pedal simulation LV2 plugin.

The perfect pre-processor for FatFrog.

Initial release.

Mamba 1.0

A virtual on-screen MIDI keyboard for the Jack Audio Connection Kit with NSM support.

Initial release.

WineASIO 1.0.0

WineASIO provides an ASIO to JACK driver for WINE.

  • Maintainer changed from Joakim Hernberg to Filipe Coelho (falkTX).
  • Added custom PyQt5 GUI for WineASIO settings
  • Fixed control panel startup
  • Fixed code to work with latest Wine
  • Build and packaging fixes & improvements

rtpmidid 20.07

Allows to share ALSA MIDI devices on the network via RTP MIDI and import network-shared RTP MIDI devices.

  • Compatibility with macOS/iOS RTP MIDI implementation
  • Basic CLI interface
  • Separate, LGPL2.1 licensed library for the rtpmidi protocol
  • Improved stability.

B.Schaffl 0.2

A pattern-controlled MIDI amp & stretch LV2 plugin.

New features:

  • Randomize amp
  • Randomize stretch
  • Process amount for amp and stretch
  • Shape editor
  • Reset, undo and redo

Kapitonov Plugins Pack VST3 1.2.1

A set of plugins for guitar sound processing.

Now with also Linux VST3 and experimental Windows VST3 versions.

Ardour 6.2

A full-featured, cross-platform digital audio workstation (DAW).

See this link for changes.

Please note that there was no 6.1 release.

Yoshimi 1.7.1

A sophisticated soft-synth originally forked from ZynAddSubFX

  • Global 'Pan Law' setting
  • Channel and Key aftertouch configuration dialog
  • 'Hyperbolic Secant' waveform shape for AddSynth and PadSynth
  • Channel 'Solo' setting
  • More performant legato handling
  • Instrument bank handling improvements
  • Improved GUI window positioning and position recovery
  • Significant refactoring of critical areas of the code


Valve amplifier simulation modelled after the Orange Dark Terror.

No versioned release yet.