Sidechaining in Qtractor using Ducka


Ducking is a special application of sidechaining. In this tutorial we take a track with a kick drum – the sidechain – to "duck" (silence) another track with a pad sound. The sequencer we use is Qtractor, the ducking-plugin is Ducka, from the Arty FX plugin suite.


In Qtractor, Ducka needs an audio bus with 3 input channels. It expects the sound to be ducked in the first 2 input channels (stereo) and the controlling sound in the third input channel.

1.) The 2 MIDI tracks with synth plugins are already prepared when the video starts. Track 1 contains the DSSI-plugin Whysynth with a pad sound preset. Track 2 contains the LV2-plugin DrumkV1 with a kick drum sample.

2.) We create an audio bus with 3 channels and load the LV2-plugin Ducka.

3.) We change the 2 MIDI tracks' audio output to "dedicated", so we can route them to the audio bus with Ducka.

4.) We route the 2 audio outs of the pad sound track to the first 2 audio inputs of the Ducka bus, one of the 2 audio outs of the kick drum track to the 3rd input of the Ducka bus. And finally, we route the first 2 audio outs of the Ducka bus to Master/In, so we will hear its output.

5.) We adjust the Ducka plugins threshold until it "ducks" the pad sound.

Ducka's parameters are explained at the OpenAV Productions website.

Written by Holger Marzen


Thank you so much!! =)