Screen dump: 
Midisnoop's interface

Midisnoop is a simple MIDI monitor and prober. You can use it to monitor a MIDI device and/or software, and to send MIDI messages to a MIDI port to see how the device/software responds. Midisnoop supports both ALSA and JACK MIDI ports.


Love this program - have been changing source code to allow me to use a midi device to launch programs/scripts/send other midi messages. I currently have it working with my AKAI MPD24, added a screen with MPD24 Layout and can launch/switch to programs by clicking a pad/controller, currently working on reverse engineering of AKAI MPD24 SYSEX commands. Also autosave configuration. By no means complete but interesting. If anyone would like a copy feel free to email georgebrendandoyle1966@gmail.com