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September 2015 - Interviews with drobilla and Sebastian Posch, news and more

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LMP Asks Interview

We have 2 new LMP Asks interviews and have now reached 12 interviews in 12 months. Thanks to everyone who has participated!

In August we talked to David Robillard, aka drobilla, best known for his work on the LV2 plugin format:

LMP Asks #11: An interview with David Robillard, aka drobilla

In September we talked to Sebastian Posch, Linux enthusiast and guitar teacher who likes to incorporate Linux into his teaching sessions:

LMP Asks #12: An interview with Sebastian Posch

From the community

Demo videos for Guitarix

In our tools section you will now find two new demo videos for Guitarix.

You can find the Guitarix presets used in both video over at the new website Specific links to the presets used are below:

New preset and patch website

Promo notice – This website is not affiliated with LMP!

As mentioned above there is a new website on the block called This is a new website that brings together presets, synth patches, sample libraries, etc all in one place for users to browse and download. You can also submit 'artifacts' of your own to the website for other people to discover.

For full details, check out the official website.

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