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December 2015 - Qtractor and SuperCollider tutorials and two interviews!

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Welcome to our December newsletter.

LMP Asks Interviews

We have two new LMP Asks interviews since our last newsletter.

In November we talked to Babis Kouvalis, guitarist and FLOSS enthusiast who has a YouTube channel where he demos FLOSS software, primarily Guitarix.

LMP Asks #14: An interview with Babis Kouvalis

In December we talked to Scott Petersen, SoundCollider programmer, teacher, composer and maker enthusiast.

LMP Asks #15: An interview with Scott Petersen

Qtractor and Supercollider tutorials

We also have two new tutorials. The first is from Philip Yassin showing us how to get up and running with the basics of Qtractor.

Qtractor QuickStart

The second tutorial is an introduction to SuperCollider, a programming language for audio synthesis and composition. This article is the first of a series of articles on LMP that will explore the SuperCollider programming language. Thanks to Scott Petersen for this tutorial.

Introduction to SuperCollider

Linux Audio News

Drumgizmo drumkit family sees new member

Infamous Plugins v0.2.0 pre-announcement

EQ10Q plugins V2.0 released

New song released by John Option

The Open Source Musician Podcast is back!

New release of Guitarix

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