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Libre Music Production is a community-driven online resource, focused on promoting musical creation and composition using free and open source (FLOSS) software. By providing hands-on material submitted by the community, such as guides, tutorials, articles and news updates, we want to show not only that there is great FLOSS audio software out there, but also how to practically use that software to make music. Read this to get started!

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Tool 2017-01-16 11:10 AVL Drumkits The avldrums.lv2 plugin is a drum sample player dedicated to Glen McArthur's AVLdrums . This self-contained plugin provides a convenient way to rapidly sequence and mix midi-drums. The AVLdrums comes as two separate drumkits: Black Pearl and Red Zeppelin. There are 5 velocity layers for each of the 28 kits pieces or drum-zones for both kits. The main benefits compared to loading the soundfont...Read more
News 2016-12-21 12:56 LSP Plugins anniversary release 1.0.18 Vladimir Sadovnikov has just released version 1.0.18 of his audio plugin suite, LSP plugins . This release celebrates one year since LSP plugins 1.0.0 release. All LSP plugins are available in LADSPA , LV2 , LinuxVST and standalone JACK formats. This release includes the following new plugins and changes - Implemented Begrenzer Mono, Stereo, Sidechain Mono, Sidechain Stereo (Limiter) plugin...Read more
Music 2016-12-19 23:32 Iurie I am software engineer, and in my free time I am composing mostly chill-out electronic music using free software on GNU/Linux. All my music is free cultural work released under the CC BY 4.0 license.Read more
Music 2016-12-02 13:13 in-giro On the move, in motion, out and about: that's “in giro”, and that we are. we pick up things in our travels, pluck them from limbs, absorb or excavate or simply remember them, and during layovers we stitch these together and sing. being in giro is being with change, and ever-seeking we make music that ever-seeks. As points on our trajectory towards freedom, the defiantly homemade music is free/...Read more
News 2016-11-19 16:13 French translation of LMP article over at LibraZiK Olivier has translated our Drumgizmo article to French for his LibraZiK project website. The French translation of the article can be found here . LibraZiK is a software suite project for audio production. For more information about the project, check out it's home page . There is also other interesting tutorials on the project website so if you speak French, don't forget to check them out .Read more
News 2016-11-15 12:43 Unfa Vlog: Lessons in synthesis */ A new series of video tutorials by Unfa is out, where he's generously revealing the studio recipes he used on his several full-lengh albums. From his previous interviews and videos, we know that he uses ZynAddSubFx a lot, even for drums . Today, in step-by-step videos illustrated by a always-on-screen real-time oscilloscope, he demonstrates the forces at work inside his precious patches.Read more
News 2016-11-13 23:16 jack-matchmaker is a small command line utility that listens to JACK port registrations by clients and connects them when they match one of the port pattern pairs given on the command line at startup. jack-matchmaker never disconnects any ports. The port name patterns are specified as pairs of positional arguments or read from a file and are interpreted as Python regular expressions, where the...Read more
News 2016-11-13 22:15 Hydrogen 0.9.7 released The Hydrogen team have just announced version 0.9.7 of Hydrogen, the last planned release before version 1.0. Along with tons of bug fixes and other smaller changes, the main new features are as follows - The color of the SongEditors squares is now configurable Added support for midi cymbal choking Added support for midi hihat pressure control Added hihat pressure groups Added basic non session...Read more
News 2016-11-09 22:38 Two high quality drumkits for DrumGizmo Through a collaboration with Michael Oswald , Libre Music Production are proud to present two high quality open source drumkits for DrumGizmo . Michael has written a tool (DGPatchMaker) in the programming language Haskell to create DrumGizmo drum kits from existing sample libraries, and using that, he has created patches for the free SM Mega Reaper Drumkit and the Salamander kit. For creating...Read more
News 2016-11-08 15:10 The new episode of the great OSM Podcast is out! Agenda We explore Ardour 's new features. Sidechaining, VCAs, Parallel processing (pin dialog!), tempo ramps, and of course, pong (and some of the other built in plugins). We couldn’t figure out how to demo tabs, themes or scripting. Podcast OUT!Read more