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Libre Music Production is a community-driven online resource, focused on promoting musical creation and composition using free and open source (FLOSS) software. By providing hands-on material submitted by the community, such as guides, tutorials, articles and news updates, we want to show not only that there is great FLOSS audio software out there, but also how to practically use that software to make music. Read this to get started!

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Music 2016-09-17 06:03 The Indian Sonic Research Organisation Independent label and collective for experimental music and sound from South Asia.Read more
News 2016-09-14 15:46 Fans of Rui Nuno Capela's Qstuff* take heed, he has just released the following end of summer updates to his suite of software - QjackCtl 0.4.3 Qsynth 0.4.2 Qsampler 0.4.1 QXGEdit 0.4.1 QmidiCtl 0.4.1 QmidiNet 0.4.1 For a full run down of the changelogs, check out Rui's announcement over at rncbc.orgRead more
News 2016-09-14 06:19 The Ardour project is looking for help with development in relation to the projects websites. Ardour currently uses 5 independent web sites, the main site, forums, manual, bug tracker and nightly builds sites, and they are looking for someone to help them with the following tasks - Modernize forum ( https://github.com/discourse/discourse or similar), keep existing posts and comments (currently...Read more
Tool 2016-08-21 14:10 Radium Radium is a music editor of the "tracker" family . Trackers are sequencers that display music data on a vertical, top-down list of notes and effects data. From the Radium website description : Compared to the normal sequencer interface editing is quicker and more musical data fits on the screen . Compared to trackers , note positions and effects are edited graphically , which should be quicker,...Read more
News 2016-10-21 08:17 New major release of Ardour, version 5 is released! The release of Ardour 5 has just been announced. This new release comes with some major new features and is a significant upgrade from the 4.x series. It is also the first release that officially supports the Windows platform. The following is a rundown of some of the latest features. VCA faders Ardour now includes VCA faders, a long requested feature. These can control the gain of assigned...Read more
Tool 2016-08-11 20:17 SuperBoucle SuperBoucle is a loop based software fully controllable with any midi device. SuperBoucle is also synced with jack transport. You can use it on live performance or for composition. SuperBoucle is composed of a matrix of sample controllable with external midi device like pad. SuperBoucle will send back information to midi device (light up led). Sample will always start and stop on a beat or group...Read more
Music 2016-08-10 21:35 Nandakumar Edamana I'm a free software user, developer, hacker and activist. Also interested in technical writing and music production, I write for mainstream media and compose music as a passion.Read more
Music 2016-08-07 13:59 Shoichi Chou I am born in 1977. I got interested in MIDI while I was a college student. Then I went to learn Pipa for understanding Asian folk tradiition. After graduating from school, I changed to study Jazz harmony with my teacher and how to improvise by an ukulele. My root is blues and Jazz and some asian folkmusic. I make music on a KXstudio Linux. I almost only use FOSS, mainly Ardour and Rosegarden.Read more
Tool 2016-07-28 09:53 Helm Helm is a free, cross-platform, polyphonic synthesizer that runs on GNU/Linux, Mac, and Windows as a standalone program and as a LV2/VST/AU/AAX plugin. It sounds absolutely enormous, has a very distinct personality, and is generally very fun to use. The release is in beta, but given a powerful enough machine to handle the very busy UI, it is remarkably stable. Hear a very in-depth discovery of...Read more
Tool 2016-07-28 09:56 SpectMorph SpectMorph allows to analyze samples of musical instruments, and to combine them (morphing). It can be used to construct hybrid sounds, for instance a sound between a trumpet and a flute; or smooth transitions, for instance a sound that starts as a trumpet and then gradually changes to a flute. Also interpolating between two samples of the same instrument (different attack velocity of a piano)...Read more