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Libre Music Production is a community-driven online resource, focused on promoting musical creation and composition using free and open source (FLOSS) software. By providing hands-on material submitted by the community, such as guides, tutorials, articles and news updates, we want to show not only that there is great FLOSS audio software out there, but also how to practically use that software to make music. Read this to get started!

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News 2014-12-13 23:14 Our newsletter for December is now sent to our subscribers. If you have not yet subscribed, you can do that from our start page . You can also read the latest issue online . In it you will find: LMP's end of year survey Third installment of 'LMP Asks', with Aurélien Leblond New tutorial New software release announcements and more!Read more
News 2015-02-22 19:10 DrumGizmo v0.9.7 released The Drumgizmo team have just announced the release of version 0.9.7 of Drumgizmo . The most notable change in this release is the implementation of realtime resampling. This means that Drumgizmo will match, in realtime, whatever samplerate you are working with, so you are no longer restricted to 44.1kHz! Check out the announcement at Linux Audio Users mailing list for full details . Download the...Read more
News 2014-12-08 10:50 OpenAV News OpenAV have recently redesigned their website . They are also looking for some feedback relating to some of their projects. If you are a VJ or projection-master? OpenAV would like to hear from you about your dream workflow at an event, what is it that you need and what issues you encounter often. Also, Fabla 2.0 is being planned and they are also looking for user feedback. If you have any ideas,...Read more
News 2014-12-05 20:59 End of year survey - Have your say! As 2014 comes to an end, we want to see what everyone’s favourite FLOSS audio software and plugins are. We intend on having an annual end of year survey, to see what's currently popular, what stands the test of time, and what people still feel is lacking in the Linux Audio world. If you are interested in participating, you can find the survey here .Read more
News 2014-12-05 09:55 The Guitarix devs have just pushed out a bug-fix release, version 0.32.1. This update is recommended and fixes a long outstanding issue with LADSPA/LV2 plugin load/unload and UI modification. Latest downloads can be found at the Guitarix sourceforge page .Read more
Article 2014-12-05 08:37 LMP Asks #3: An interview with Aurélien Leblond In this interview we talk to Aurélien Leblond of one man band, A Violent Whisper . Aurélien has ported Alsa Modular Synth modules over to the LV2 plugin format. He has also been hacking away on adding new features to Hydrogen . Hi Aurélien, where do you live, and what do you do for a living? I'm a French living in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland. Galway is a very interesting city to live in...Read more
Tool 2017-02-01 08:04 Giada Giada is a free, minimal, hardcore audio tool for DJs, live performers and electronic musicians. How does it work? Just pick up your channel, fill it with samples or MIDI events and start the show by using this tiny piece of software as a loop machine, drum machine, sequencer, live sampler or yet as a plugin/effect host. */ */Read more
News 2014-11-24 17:46 Qtractor sees new release Rui Nuno Capela has just announced a new release of Qtractor , this time codenamed 'The Baryon Throne'. You can now use custom styles and color themes. You can also use a new multi-row layout in Qtractor's mixer window. Both of these options can be found by navigating to view > options > display tab. Other highlights include - Punch-in/out over loop-recording/take modes (new) Latch/...Read more
News 2014-11-20 15:52 Guitarix 0.32.0 released The Guitarix developers have just announced the release of Guitarix version 0.32.0. For the uninitiated, Guitarix is a tube amplifier simulation for JACK, with an additional mono and a stereo effect rack. Guitarix includes a large list of plugins and also supports LADSPA/LV2 plugins. This release fixes some bugs. It adds new tuning scales (19- and 31-TET) to guitarix and Gxtuner.lv2 and also...Read more
News 2015-07-28 13:54 Non Mixer, now with LV2 support! falkTX from KXStudio has just added LV2 support to Non Mixer . This is not upstream at the moment but is available in the KXStudio repositories. This will hopefully be accepted upstream and become part of Non Mixer. In the meantime, you can try out the LV2 supported version if you are using KXStudio by simply updating your system. There is no support for custom GUI's and falkTX points out that...Read more