Paul Davis, Ardour and JACK creator/developer, talks at Linux Audio Conference 2017


The Linux Audio Conference 2017 is under way and this year, Ardour and JACK creator/developer, Paul Davis talked about Linux audio and his thoughts on where things currently stand with his presentation "20 years of open source audio: Success, Failure and the In-between".

Paul starts off the presentation by apologising if some people find the talk pessimistic or negative,  however his talk is realistic, pragmatic and thought provoking.

In his presentation he talks about his motivations in starting the JACK and Ardour projects, the challenges that open source audio software has faced, and continues to face, as well as user expectations and this in relation to proprietary DAW's.

Whether you use Ardour or not, if you make music on Linux, it is likely you are using some software written by Paul. His presentation will be of interest to anyone who has an interest in Linux audio.

Paul's presentation starts at 2:22:32 into the video below.


Seriously? The "Linux Audio Conference" audio has the left/right channels in counter-polarity?

Thanks for pointing that out. I have located the line in the source code with the error and have pushed a patch upstream. So likely it will be fixed in the next release. but if you can't wait that long you should be able to build it already for yourself directly from the git tree... :-D

Thanks for posting this, I finally had a chance to watch this through. Mr. Davis has some amazing insight into the niche world of Linux audio, and made some realistic observations about the good and the not-so-great aspects of it. Wish it had been longer! I felt like he had to skip over some good stuff to keep the schedule. It is a shame that the audio was so challenging to listen to with the phase issues (turning off one speaker helps...). Considering this was the LAC and he is the lead on the crown jewel of Linux audio projects, it would have been better to wait and fix it before sharing. Hope it can be fixed and reposted!