TuxGuitar 1.3.0 released

After over six years without a release, TuxGuitar 1.3.0 is now available with lots of fixes and new features. Here's a list of changes from TuxGuitar website:

  • Add let ring support
  • Add count down support
  • Add show/hide toolbars feature
  • Add song templates support
  • Add bank selection support
  • Soundfont selection support in gervill plugin
  • Improved jack support
  • New oxygen skin
  • New gpx importer plugin
  • New svg exporter plugin
  • New image exporter plugin
  • Magic Sound Font v2.0 Contributed by Dennis Deutschmann
  • Improved print support
  • Improved PDF support
  • Many bug fixes
  • First android port has been released


Excellent new release. I'm big fan of tuxguitar and this release brings many of the things I missed like a better GUI and MIDI bank selection :) For anyone who used alsa, jack or fluidsynth output plugins: they have to be activated in 'tools -> plugins'