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Drumgizmo drumkit family sees new member

Drumgizmo user, Sardonicus, has recently released an eight channel drumkit for Drumgizmo called 'ShittyKit'. Shitty by name, not so shitty by nature, this is Drumgizmo's first ever user created drumkit.

This kit is a Stagg Gia drumkit with the following instrument channels -

  • Ch 1: Kick
  • Ch 2: Snare
  • Ch 3: 12” Tom
  • Ch 4: 14” Floor tom
  • Ch 5 and 6: Overheads
  • Ch 7 and 8: Room

As opposed to some other drumkits for Drumgizmo that are heavier on RAM, Shittykit comes in at a mere 352 MB, which will allow users lighter on RAM to give Drumgizmo a go.

Full details about the kit can be found over at the Drumgizmo website.