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Infamous Plugins v0.1 released

Spencer Jackson has just released v0.1 of the Infamous Plugins suite. While there are already many bread and butter plugins available for Linux, Infamous plugins aim to "fill some holes, supplying non-existing plugins for linux audio".

While Infamous plugins were previously available, this is the first release with custom GUI's. The suite includes the following plugins -

  • The Infamous Cellular Automaton Synth
  • The Infamous Envelope Follower
  • The Infamous Hip2B
  • The Infamous Cheap Distortion
  • The Infamous Stuck
  • The Infamous Power Cut
  • The Infamous Power Up
  • The Infamous EWham

Check out the Infamous plugins website for a full overview of each plugin.

Users of KXStudio can now find them in their package manager as 'infamous-plugins'.