There's a new, up and coming graphical EQ on the block


Robin Gareus has just tagged v0.2 of his new, up and coming, graphical EQ on github. Fil4.lv2 is based on DSP from Fons Adriaensen's highly regarded fil-plugin, which you may have seen in your plugin manager as '4-band parametric filter'.

Please note, at current this is still very much a work in progress.

Fil4.lv2 is available as an LV2 plugin but there is also a standalone JACK app.

So what makes it different from Fons' fil-plugin? In addition to adding a graphical EQ display, it also includes new features, such as high/low-shelf filters, making it an even more flexible EQ. All EQ parameters can be manipulated directly from the graph and it's window can also be resized, allowing you to see the graph in more detail. It also includes a DC-offset filter.

For those interested in trying it out, you can visit Fil4.lv2's github page, where there are build instructions.

Just remember that it is still in it's early days of development and is currently only intended for those interested in bug reporting and testing.


Just FTR, please don't use it for anything apart from bug-reporting/testing/code-contributions (nor package it, nor do further publicity) until it reaches v0.3 at least and is officially announced on LAA. It's far from ready in its current state. Thank you, robin

right on. v0.3.0 was tagged earlier today which marks a first usable version. The plugin has been renamed from "Filter" to "4 Band Parametric EQ". Mono as well as stereo variants are available, a spectrum displas plus waterfall FFT history has been built-in, Hi/Low pass filters have been added and vertical (dB-scale) zoom was added since v2 along with many details. A standalone jack application can be built from the same source, (make jackapps) but is not yet enabled by default. Note to early testers: The port-labels and indices of the plugin have changed in the process (existing DAW sessions using v0.2 may or may not load correctly). Starting v0.3 backwards compatibility will be assured.