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Musescore 2.0 Released

MuseScore 2.0

After over four years of development and a lot of work from over 400 contributors, MuseScore 2.0 is finally available! You can download it from

MuseScore is a free software for creating very professional-looking music scores in a WYSIWYG way. It is easy to use, gives great results without a lot of tweaking and is a great choice for people coming from proprietary solutions such as Sibelius and Finale. In fact, users reported the 2.0 beta to produce better results, with no manual adjustments, than competing software (see here).

Between 1.3 and 2.0 there were so many improvements that it would be almost impossible to list all of them here, but here's a selecion of new features:

  • Improved layout engine
  • Improved playback engine, with support for using multiple soundfonts and initial support for sfz (for now, only the Salamander Grand Piano)
  • Continuous view, for viewing the entire score without breaks, great for writing music without having to worry with page layout
  • Tabulature
  • Importing Guitar Pro tabs
  • Linked parts, that reflects changes you make in parts on your full score and vice versa
  • Inspector, that allows to easily change a lot of properties of any selected object
  • Upload directly to (a site where people can share their scores and view/listen to MuseScore scores online)

One great example of MuseScore results is a very recent edition of Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I, that is released under the Creative Commons Zero license and is available in this page for downloading and online reading/listening. In this page, there's also a link to the performance of this score by the pianist Kimiko Ishizaka, also available under the Creative Commons Zero license.

You can contribute to the project by using it, reporting bugs, sharing it with your friends and by donating in this page.