Guitarix 0.32.3 is out!

Guitarix 0.32.3 is out! Changes include -

  • Fix some rc-style bugs for KDE Qtcurve engine
  • Add 2 new rc-styles (flat and green)
  • Replace old outdated factory presets
  • Add some new plugin presets
  • Add jack midi out port to report state (CC messages) and control multiple instances with one interface
  • Set engine.mute to default midi controller 120 (All Sounds Off)
  • Add new command-line options -L start with Live Play GUI and -M start with engine muted
  • Fix some issues with remote control GUI and external plugs

Also note, the Guitarix developers are still looking for presets to include in Guitarix's official releases. If you have any presets that you would like to share, please do contact the developers.

See full details of the announcement over at


where is the e-mail adress to send the preset at? can't find it anywhere, even in the linked threads...(I dont want to become a member in another forums) email function at linux audio cannot send any email by showing the error "domain starts with a dot", but there is no domain with any dot...