Calf Studio Gear: New Plug-In - Envelope Filter


A brand new plugin, an envelope filter, has been added to the Calf Studio Gear plugins. This is still a work in progress but is hoped to be included in the up and coming 0.0.60 Calf release.

Features include -

  • Display for the frequency response
  • Lower and upper frequency – switch them to have a downwards filter
  • Different filter types (HP, LP, BP and Notch with different slew rates)
  • Optional sidechain
  • Resonance knob
  • Mix knob

For more details, check out Markus Schmidt's blog post.


Thw new transient designer seems to sound very good!

When 0.6 will be released? Can't wait fpr the new plug-ins and features. :)

When it's ready :) They are in pre-release phase at the moment -

What a uncommon answer – but the only correct. :p Looking forward to see it in the arch repos. :)