End of year survey results - 2014

Thanks to everyone that filled out our end of year survey for 2014. As it was an open survey, there were a lot of different replies, but all the same, there are clear favourites in each category.

Here are the results -



Favourite software of the year

Carla Beta



Favourite plugin of the year

Calf plugins



All time favourite software




All time favourite plugin

Calf plugins



What do you feel is lacking in FLOSS audio software?

35 percent of people feel that MIDI sequencing features are lacking



What do you feel is lacking in FLOSS plugins?

26 percent feel that there aren't enough virtual instruments




A few things really jump out from these results. They are -


  • Ardour is the most popular FLOSS DAW
  • Calf plugins are also really popular
  • Carla is popular in both plugin and standalone versions
  • Users are dissatisfied with the current state of MIDI sequencers
  • Users want to see more virtual instruments. Drums and symphony orchestras in particular were noted in the survey comments


Talking about virtual instrument I think that DrumGizmo is the new state of the art in Linux. The plugin has great kits and developers are always working hard to improve the software. For sure, there's a lack in orchestras instruments (even if there are some very good soundfonts for free out there...).

Can the whole calf suite really count as a favorite plugin? Oh well. I do think they are vastly popular. Also I think I win the longest plugin name contest. Thanks for doing the survey, LMP!

The distribution of votes seems a bit strange: Way too many options got the same amount of votes... Anyway: Thanks for the survey, I will check out the ones now of which I havent heard before!

It's maybe because of too few people was voting :D

I agree... maybe someone can let us know how many people voted on each item and what the total number of votes was. I'm not a fan of the charts that have already been converted to percentages without representing the actual data.

Hi, just to give you an idea of the figures, 23 people participated in the survey, a low number unfortunately. Also, it was an open survey, which accounts for the vote distribution.

Thank you for posting the total number. That helps clear it up.

Yes, I think its pretty obvious what items received only 1 vote, etc. Clearly not enough data was gathered to get a really accurate view. Hopefully next year more will vote.

A lot of distros measure package popularity (if enabled by the user). Those have a bit more data points and could be scraped for audio related software installs... http://popcon.debian.org/ http://popcon.ubuntu.com/ https://www.archlinux.de/?page=PackageStatistics