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AV Linux, version 6.0.4, 'Diehard' is now available

The latest release of AV Linux, version 6.0.4, 'Diehard' has just been announced. It been called "the most stable and 'production-ready' release to date" by it's maintainer, Glen MacArthur
AV Linux is a lightweight audio orientated Linux distro based on Debian 6. It features up to date audio software on a very stable base. In addition, Debian 6 is the first version of Debian to provide long term support. Up until now, Debian has kept to 3 years support. The long term support release now adds an extra 2 years to this, meaning that AV Linux will by extension have security updates up until February 2016.
As expected, this release includes the usual bugfixes, updated software and new additions. Of note is the inclusion of a 'developer preview' of Ardour.
For full details on changes for this relase, check out the announcement over at the AV Linux forums.
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