Drumgizmo version 0.9.6 is released

The Drumgizmo team have officially announced version 0.9.6 of their drum sampling plugin.

Drumgizmo is an LV2 sample based drum plugin that mimics the set up of a real acoustic drumkit. It uses an open drumkit file format, so you can create your own drumkits for Drumgizmo. There is even an editor called DGedit that comes with Drumgizmo to help you make this task as easy as possible. There are also currently 3 drumkits available from Drumgizmo's website.

There are a number of bug fixes and improvements in this version. Check out the Drumgizmo download page for full details.


I'm having a hard time trying to get this to open. I understand that this is meant to be run as a VSTi or a plugin in Ardour but no matter where I try to start it from Ardour says it wont insert. Is it possible to get a tutorial on drumgizmo?

Hi, I am actually working on a tutorial on how to set up Drumgizmo in Ardour. In the meantime, how are you inserting Drumgizmo? It will only insert on a MIDI track. The easiest way to add it is when adding a track. From the 'Add Track or Bus' dialog, select MIDI track. Then from the instrument drop down menu you can select Drumgizmo.