Harney-Barrow is a multimedia project run by web alias Alejandro Ramos Ferrer out of an isolated rural town in the United States.

Music has influences ranging from 70s Soft Rock/Pop Rock to more modern or contemporary musicians like Oneohtrix Point Never and the former Kimberly Kubus.

Florian Bador

Florian Bador is an orchestral music composer, computer programmer, and the founder of the music platform Trust Music.



I'm an electronic music producer, vocalist and songwriter from Warsaw, Poland. My main OS is KXStudio.

I'm creating music inspired with modern EDM sounds as well as the classical baroque music. I'm blending the genres of drum&bass, dubstep, techno, electro with funk and jazz inspirations, trying to create music that is both danceable and rich enoght to be enjoyable on it's own. I don't use other people's samples or loops - I mostly synthesise my sounds from scratch (drums too!) or record some vocal samples myself.

Džoni Promis

Multimedia artist, crafting art/music since 1992. Full time FLOSS user since 2010.

Through his work one can see that he is not genre oriented. He freely uses everything he needs to create what he wants at that particular moment. Because of this we can came across different genres and styles. We can consider him experimental, rocky, electro, but hey, he can make a pop song too if he needs it.

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