My name is Danilo Siqueira. I've been studying music production on Berklee online for 2 years and needed a capstone project, in order to finish the project.

As linux enthusiast and musician, I've decided to compose, record, produce a small album (an EP if you will). But this small project got some attention on the internet and became a full-fledged band (a power trio actually). So now it has releases on streaming services, Youtube, Facebook page, etc.


Forzee are a band from Saint-Petersburg playing mixed genres of metal.

Critics have lost many time to define various musical material they're playing. That's why their playlist contains Heavy Metal songs, grim Doom Metal-styled music and also fast and aggressive Thrash Death metal music.

The only one thing is unchangeable: many songs contain experimental spirit of Progressive mixed with dark paints of Doom. This allows to define band's musical genre as Progressive Doom Metal.

A Violent Whisper

A Violent Whisper is a one man band that could be described best as electro rock music. It is heavily influenced by, but not only, Nine Inch Nails and late Radiohead...

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