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Džoni Promis

Multimedia artist, crafting art/music since 1992. Full time FLOSS user since 2010.

Through his work one can see that he is not genre oriented. He freely uses everything he needs to create what he wants at that particular moment. Because of this we can came across different genres and styles. We can consider him experimental, rocky, electro, but hey, he can make a pop song too if he needs it.

Vagabundo Barbudo

Vagabundo Barbudo is a musical and audiovisual project born in 2013.Eventual and spontaneous compositions with free software tools.Música libre para gente ocupada!

Hanspeter Portner

Open source hardware developer interested in novel expressive electronic music controllers which interface to software synthesizers.

My music controllers are open in in design and they are developed with an open source software tool chain on Linux. The majority of my time I invest in designing and improving my controllers and their interfacing to any piece of software and OS.

Apart from developing hardware, I use Linux for on-the-fly improvisation and sometimes even manage to record a short sequence for sharing.


CrocoDuck is a physical acoustics student with a passion for open source and music. Why not mix them all together?


Superdirt² are a band from Germany with an interesting electro/cello arrangement. Member Vince also has his own recording studio, Sonejo.


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