Homerecorded electronic protest popsongs. With a few early exceptions, all created with linux and open source.



On the move, in motion, out and about: that's “in giro”, and that we are. we pick up things in our travels, pluck them from limbs, absorb or excavate or simply remember them, and during layovers we stitch these together and sing. being in giro is being with change, and ever-seeking we make music that ever-seeks. As points on our trajectory towards freedom, the defiantly homemade music is free/gratis, the tools are free/libre, and we work with free/independent artists.

Die AG - AktivGruppe

Die AG - AktivGruppe

We proudly present our new album "Wischn/noisiV" which is produced with Ardour, Audacity, Zita AT1, Calf Plugins, Eq10q, ZamGate, Xwax, Rakarrack

Also the artwork was made with free software. (Gimp, Xsane, Libre Office and Scribus)

All songs recorded mixed and mastered

Marius Stärk

Marius is a musician, composer and producer from Aachen, Germany. He started playing in 1995 and since 2015 he is producing his own songs on OpenSUSE using Ardour.


John Option

John Option is a musical project started on 2014. All the music of John Option is produced using only free software and all the songs of John Option are published under a free license. For every song of John Option are also available the single recording tracks and Ardour project under a free license. We believe in freedom and in cultural sharing.

The Quarks

We're a rock and roll band from Marquette Michigan. We mostly play local venues. The recordings here are just demos we've recorded on our own, we're teaching ourselves how to record music and doing it all with FLOSS software.



I'm an electronic music producer, vocalist and songwriter from Warsaw, Poland. My main OS is KXStudio.

I'm creating music inspired with modern EDM sounds as well as the classical baroque music. I'm blending the genres of drum&bass, dubstep, techno, electro with funk and jazz inspirations, trying to create music that is both danceable and rich enoght to be enjoyable on it's own. I don't use other people's samples or loops - I mostly synthesise my sounds from scratch (drums too!) or record some vocal samples myself.

Džoni Promis

Multimedia artist, crafting art/music since 1992. Full time FLOSS user since 2010.

Through his work one can see that he is not genre oriented. He freely uses everything he needs to create what he wants at that particular moment. Because of this we can came across different genres and styles. We can consider him experimental, rocky, electro, but hey, he can make a pop song too if he needs it.


Südwestlicht make Alternative Pop with female vocals, sung in German.

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