On the move, in motion, out and about: that's “in giro”, and that we are. we pick up things in our travels, pluck them from limbs, absorb or excavate or simply remember them, and during layovers we stitch these together and sing. being in giro is being with change, and ever-seeking we make music that ever-seeks. As points on our trajectory towards freedom, the defiantly homemade music is free/gratis, the tools are free/libre, and we work with free/independent artists.

Shoichi Chou

Shoichi Chou

I am born in 1977. I got interested in MIDI while I was a college student. Then I went to learn Pipa for understanding Asian folk tradiition. After graduating from school, I  changed to study Jazz harmony with my teacher and how to improvise by an ukulele.

My root is blues and Jazz and some asian folkmusic. I make music on a KXstudio Linux. I almost only use FOSS, mainly Ardour and Rosegarden.


Emily Fox

I make cover videos and record original songs, mainly on my YouTube channel. Sometimes I do massively multi-track productions, other times I do live versions, sometimes you'll find me dueting with myself and occasionally you'll even find me conducting experiments like covering Taylor Swift using just my laptop's built in hardware, my voice and whatever I can find to bash around the house! I do all stages of production myself, including the recording, mixing, mastering, filming, editing and making the cover art, and all with open source.

Philip Yassin


I'm a music producer and performer from Paris, France, recording and performing in Casablanca, Morroco since 2007.

John Option

John Option is a musical project started on 2014. All the music of John Option is produced using only free software and all the songs of John Option are published under a free license. For every song of John Option are also available the single recording tracks and Ardour project under a free license. We believe in freedom and in cultural sharing.


Superdirt² are a band from Germany with an interesting electro/cello arrangement. Member Vince also has his own recording studio, Sonejo.

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