Calf Studio Gear 0.90.0 released

The Calf team have just released a new version of their popular plugin suite.

  • New plug-ins: Multiband Enhancer, Multi Spread, Vinyl
  • Calfjackhost: important values controlable from rack
  • Calfjackhost: custom names for rack devices
  • EQ8/EQ12: Q for high and low pass
  • EQ30: linked mode
  • VintageDelay/Pulsator: new timing settings
  • Vocoder: Upper and lower tilt, higher Q, band related Q
  • All plugins: input/output meters and knobs
  • Themeing capabilities
  • New Designs: Default, Flat Default, 0.0.19, Hybreed, Lost Wages, Midnight, Orange, Wood
  • Knobs with ticks for better orientation
  • Scales attached to level meters
  • Bash completion for effect names
  • More readme and documentation
  • Lots of fixes and minor improvements

Full details and download links can be found over at Calf developer, Markus Schmidt's blog.



Calf 0.90.0 does not work with Audacity [no matter what version of Audacity], version 0.60 is ok ...

When do you think reapos like KXstudio will allow 0.90 for us to try out? It's fresh so I guess they are testing first.

Hi! Today I've got 0.90 from KXstudio reapos!