MOD Duo and Max/MSP integration


Max/MSP users can now easily convert their Gen objects into LV2 plugins, add them to the roster of MOD Duo plugins and bring them to the stage!

The MOD Duo pedal is a Rugged pedal that morphes into whatever the musician wants it to be, using FOSS LV2 plugins. The software part consists of virtual pedalboards that you build and test on your desktop PC, and upload to the pedal for instant gig use. It's a must-have for the serious Libre Music Performer :)

Max/MSP gen~ is (apparently) a new tool to create Max patches, and now those can be converted to LV2 plugins for uploading into the MOD.


Gen is part of the MaxMSP environment, it's their way to create subpatches that work at sample level rather then buffet size. But you always need Max in order to use it!

Of course I meant buffer size, not buffet ;)

I'd really like to see it working with Pd, ChucK, Supercollider, etc. All those Open Source language out there. I'm just trying to understand, why MaxMSP which is proprietary?