ZARAZA releases new album entirely recorded with Libre Music tools

ZARAZA record cover.

Ecuadorian / Canadian experimental veterans ZARAZA have just released their 3rd album Spasms of Rebirth.

It was entirely recorded using Libre Music tools:

  • Fedora 25
  • Ardour (all mixing)
  • Guitarix (all guitars and bass)
  • Hydrogen (drums)
  • Calf plugins (for mixing in Ardour)
  • Audacity (mastering)


The video from this album is now featured on the front page of, one of the largest metal sites on the net: It was all edited in Kdenlive, BTW.

Awesome, as is the album (I just bought it on BandCamp)! Would you like to be interviewed for the Libre Music Production site?

Sure thing, would love to.

Great, I will contact you by e-mail!!