Content Wish List


The content wish list is a list of articles and tutorials we would like to see on LMP. If you do have knowledge on anything in the list and are considering contributing content, please do contact us.

If you are a new user who is interested in a specific piece of software and would like to see it covered on LMP, please do contact us so we can add it to the wish list. There is also a survey that you could fill out if you would like to tell us more about general content that you would like to see on LMP.

The following are some articles and tutorials we are looking for:

Audio and MIDI sequencers


  • Digitizing vinyl records including work-flow


  • Ultimate guide to file formats for audio
  • Exporting to a stereo file (the last step of our workflow)
  • Libre licensing guide, including Creative Commons overview


Modular Set ups



  • Various workflows using Carla

Sound Synthesis

  • Csound
  • SuperCollider


  • Mastering


A link to a commented script to tune up some popular audio distro (say, Ubuntu Studio) for low latency would be VERY useful.

The most urgent stuff is to deal with hardware (sound cards) and linux... A *uptodate* list of fully working and really tested cards is needed !

I wouldn't say that it should be a list because it doesn't fit into the tutorial or article format. But an extensive test of the most popular and best audio interfaces in the lower price range (0$-200$) would be really great for beginners! I would have written an article about this topic one year ago when I tested 4 different interfaces, would I have known about this great site.

also forum would be great to have on this place... is already listed in "ressources", I believe it is not necessary to create a different forum which would have the exact same purpose. Have you had a look at it? Maybe a more obvious link could be good, straight from the top menu bar with a "forum" item.

Please add 'SuperCollider' and 'Pure Data' to 'Sound Synthesis'

Thanks, I have added those now.

an extensive tutorial/work-flow explanation for digitizing Vinyl records(or other analogue sources, like tape) would be great. I'm using Ardour for this task but struggling with making the process fast and consistent. cutting the recorded material into songs, naming them(fetching song info from - is that even possible?), proper metadata editing, checking/analyzing quality, fixing the pops&cracks or other sorts of plugin use and polishing operations which would be possible with Ardour is still unknown to me and i'm sure to others using vinyl too. "Technique" section?

Great idea! I've added it to the list. By the way, are you aware of Calf Emphasis? Description - "This device adds or substracts different frequency response curves in order to create standard compliant material for different media like emphased CD or vinyl records." As for a technique section, we already have a technique (and workflow) category for tutorials and articles. Both tutorials and articles can be searched by category.

no I wasn't aware of Calf Emphasis, thank you! not even of the RIAA stuff..good to learn :) and thanks for adding it to the list too, so happy to see this site going forward