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Creating a simple synthesizer in Pure Data – Part II

Creating a simple synthesizer in Pure Data – Part II

Part I: A simple synthesizer in Pure Data – Part I

The next steps:

What we are going to do now is to add an ADSR envelope to our synthesizer and then allow it to play more than one note simultaneously.

Fourth beta release of Vee One Suite 0.6.1

Rui Nuno Capela has announced a fourth beta of his Vee One Suite of plugins, which includes an old school polyphonic synthesizer (synthv1), a polyphonic sampler (samplv1) and a drum-kit sampler (drumkv1).

The changelog for this release is as follows -

ZynAddSubFX 2.5.0 is now available

ZynAddSubFX 2.5.0 is now available

The 2.5.0 Release of ZynAddSubFX is now available.

This release is mainly focused on fixing some of the core architectural flaws that have historically existed. As a result this release should behave much better under jack and interfacing with the realtime side of things is much easier now.

For full details, check out fundamental's post over at

New release of ams-lv2 plugins

Aurélien Leblond has just announced version 1.1.0 of ams-lv2, which are LV2 plugin ports of the internal modules found in Alsa Modular Synth.

The two main "features" of this version are:



Aeolus is a synthesised (i.e. not sampled) pipe organ emulator that should be good enough to make an organist enjoy playing it. It is a software synthesiser optimised for this job, with possibly hundreds of controls for each stop, that enable the user to "voice" his instrument.

Main features of the default instrument: three manuals and one pedal, five different temperaments, variable tuning, MIDI control of course, stereo, surround or Ambisonics output, flexible audio controls including a large church reverb.

Creating a simple synthesizer in Pure Data – Part I

Creating a simple synthesizer in Pure Data –  Part I

What is the objective of this tutorial?

In this tutorial we're going to make a very simple synthesizer using Pure Data and learn its concepts and workflow along the way. The objective is to get you started with the software in a kind of hands-on approach, doing something relatively useful, relatively quick. If you want in-depth stuff, there are some great sites on the internet. See and the Pure Data FLOSS manual.

Vee One Suite sees its third beta release

Vee One Suite sees its third beta release

Rui Nuno Capela has released the third beta, version 0.6.0, of his Vee One Suite. This suite contains 3 plugins -

  • Synthv1 - an old-school polyphonic synthesizer
  • Samplv1 - an old-school polyphonic sampler
  • Drumkv1 - an old-school drum-kit sampler

Changes in this release include -

Axoloti, open hardware unit, reaches crowdfunding goal

Axoloti is an interesting open hardware unit that allows "effects processing, step-sequencing, sample playback, or granular processing". It started its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo at the end of December. It has already reached it's goal, with 2 weeks left of the campaign.

Infamous Plugins

Infamous Plugins

Infamous Plugins is a collection of open-source LV2 plugins. It aims to fill some holes, supplying non-existing plugins for linux audio.

The suite consists of -



Yoshimi is a standalone software synthesizer for Linux based on the 2.4.0 release of ZynAddSubFX, written by Nasca Octavian Paul. Yoshimi delivers the same synth capabilities, along with very good JACK and ALSA MIDI/audio functionality.


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