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Chorus is a popular modulation effect, often used on guitars. This effect is most often described as adding a 'lush' or 'dreamy' effect that thickens up the sound source. This effect is achieved by splitting the sound source in two and delaying the copy. It's delay time is then modulated/varied alongside the original signal.


EQ, or equalizers, can manipulate the frequency response of audio material in various ways. There are 3 parameters that EQ's typically have, gain, frequency and Q. Gain relates to increasing or decreasing a specific frequency. Frequency relates to which frequency is being manipulated and Q, or bandwidth, relates to how many frequencies around the selected frequency are also affected.

Diagram explaining EQ terminology

Session management

Due to Linux audio's flexibility, very modular set ups are possible. Session management makes this easy by remembering software and their connections. You can launch various programs, connect them up and have you session manager remember, and later, relaunch the whole session, connections included. Some popular session management tools include Non Session Manager (NSM), Ladish and Jack session.


LinuxVST's are VST plugins compiled specifically for Linux. Supported hosts include Ardour, Qtractor and Carla.


The LV2 plugin standard is the successor to LADSPA. LV2, which stands for LADSPA version 2, is intended to address the limitations of LADSPA. LV2 plugins can easily be extended and most LV2 plugins come with custom GUI's. Supported hosts include Ardour, Qtractor and Carla. A popular collection of LV2 plugins is the Calf plugin suite.


DSSI (Disposable Soft Synth Interface) is a plugin format (pronounced “dizzy). This is an extension to the LADSPA plugin format. DSSI plugins can have their own GUI's and were designed specifically with virtual instruments in mind. DSSI has been superseded by the LV2 plugin format. Supported hosts include Qtractor, Rosegarden and Carla.


LADSPA is a plugin format. It stands for Linux Audio Developers Simple Plugin API. LADSPA plugins come with no GUI's of their own, instead using their hosts generic GUI. Virtually every host supports LADSPA plugins. A popular collection of LADSPA plugins is the Caps suite of plugins.



Rosegarden is a music composition and editing environment based around a MIDI sequencer that includes basic support for digital audio.



Audacity is free, open source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds.


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