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MusE is a MIDI/Audio sequencer with recording and editing capabilities . MusE aims to be a complete multitrack virtual studio. It has a comprehensive list of MIDI features and supports LADSPA, DSSI, LV2 and VST plugins.



Ardour is a fully featured audio and MIDI multi-track recording and editing program. Ardour supports LADSPA, LV2 and LinuxVST plugin formats.

Features include powerful anything to anywhere signal routing, video timeline, direct import of freesound files, dedicated monitor section, meterbridge, inline plugin control and extensive export options, including exporting multiple formats at once.

Recording audio and using MIDI in Ardour 3

This video series features a basic overview of recording and editing audio, plus basic recording and editing of MIDI, using Ardour 3. We start by setting up Ardour and creating a new session. After that, we add MIDI tracks, connect our MIDI keyboard, record, and edit MIDI.

Next we add a few audio tracks and record some short segments of guitar. Finally, we do some basic editing of that recording, and some basic arrangements.

This video uses the following gear and software:

Sample-based synthesis: Petri-Foo

A common approach to sound synthesis is to use samples of sounds together with a sampler. In this short video series, we show you how you can use the sampler Petri-foo to create your own interesting sounds, based on samples.

You can read more about Petri-foo and find downloads for it at the official Petri-foo website.

Sound Synthesis: TAL NoizeM4k3r

TAL NoizeM4k3r is a popular and very capable open source synth, with excellent presets and great features. In this small video series, we will take you through the synth's entire interface, explaining what each setting does, and how you can use it to create interesting sounds.

Basic mixing in Ardour 3

In this video series, LMP invites you to mix an entire track together with us. The stems for the track used in this tutorial can be downloaded below. We'll start with importing the stems into Ardour and editing the song material. Next we will arrange the song before doing a basic balanced mix. Finally, we'll throw on some basic mastering effects, and do a few final touches.

Download the stems used in this tutorial series from this link.



Cadence is a GUI frontend for JACK that allows you to access and manage many of JACK's features. It allows you to choose your audio interface and settings. Cadence comes as part of KXStudio and allows you to run JACK automatically in the background upon login.

Audio Server

An audio server, or sound server, is software that manages the use of audio devices. Such software typically runs in the background. PulseAudio is the standard audio server for desktop audio on Linux, while JACK is the standard audio server for professional audio on Linux.


Phase is the offset of two waveforms expressed in degrees, where 360 degrees corresponds to a delay of one cycle. Waveforms that are 180 degrees out of phase will cancel each other out to complete silence.

Phase problems can occur when two similar sound sources are out of alignment with each other. This causes the drop out of certain frequencies, which can make recordings sound thin if not dealt with.


Modular set ups are where more than one program is used in a set up. JACK allows you to connect and sync various audio programs together so you can benefit from the strengths of individual applications. Session management can be used to manage and recall such complex set ups. A good suite of modular applications is the Non suite, which includes Non timeline, Non mixer and Non sequencer, although any JACK application can be incorporated into a modular set up.


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