Session management

Due to Linux audio's flexibility, very modular set ups are possible. Session management makes this easy by remembering software and their connections. You can launch various programs, connect them up and have you session manager remember, and later, relaunch the whole session, connections included. Some popular session management tools include Non Session Manager (NSM), Ladish and Jack session.

Non Session Manager is a popular choice for session management

Also see - Modular set ups, concepts and practices, using Non Session Manager


wtf is ladish again? and why are there three or four things that do the same, but none of them works really good. Is this because all of the openn source software developers want to do their own thing and NOT work together, because they are not really open? This is a real problem, the linux audio landscape is so fragmented that no one can understand howe all these things work together. The developers should reduce their ego and work together on ONE thing that WORKS.